The Laundress

organic laundry gels and softeners

Discover the scents of ecological washing gels and fabric softeners The Laundress,
which will enchant you.

You won't want to wash in anything else.

The luxury brand The Laundress from New York creates absolutely
perfect products to take care of your entire wardrobe. However it will also take care of your household.



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By using The Laundress organic products:

  • you will no longer go to the dry cleaner's
  • you will reduce waste production and at the same time wash more laundry thanks to the high concentration of The Laundress products
  • keep your clothes like new for much longer
  • you do not burden the environment as much as with ordinary detergents
  • you get rid of stains efficiently and ecologically
  • you will be able to wash in peace for children and allergy sufferers
  • you don't have to worry about damaging your clothes


For daily washing of different types of clothing, try The Laundress Washing Gels

For the faded stains or for easier ironing, use products from The Laundress Special Laundry Care

Bring the scent of your clothes to life, soften it and breathe new life into it with The Laundress Fabric Care

The Laundress non-toxic and Ecological fragrance sprays will refresh the scent of your laundry and eliminate unpleasant odors

Take advantage of The Laundress gift sets designed for you and your loved ones

The Laundress travel package of ecological washing gels and fabric softeners and scented sprays is the ideal companion for your trips

Practical Accessories The Laundress will delight you with its thoughtfulness and beautiful design

In your home you will welcome reliable The Laundress Cleaners for routine cleaning and cleaning of hard-to-remove stains

Simplify your home organization with stylish products found in Home Organization