Shoe Creams

Famaco - quality shoe creams from France

Mr. Frédéric Pfirter, who has always regarded leather as a noble and lively material, founded Famaco in 1931 and launched his first line of products.
for leather care - "Made in France" shoe creams. Famaco is still run by Mr. Pfirter's family
and its headquarters are located in Châtillon near Paris, as well as a manufacturing plant. With an ever-increasing desire to be a leader in their field
Famaco has been able to create basic products such as leather care cream with a unique palette of more than 100 colors
or Raviv Cuir polishing cleansing milk. Our know-how and our constant research work allow us to combine tradition and innovation.
Due to significant developments in chemistry, we have been able to combine traditional waxes, such as beeswax and carnauba wax, with the most innovative ones.

Our team of technicians is able to design the composition of shoe creams according to the specificity of the leather (vegetable, metallic, oily leather, etc.).
We have a production plant equipped with modern production lines that allow us to manage production and maintain a high level of quality of our waxes,
shoe polishes and emulsions. Today, Famaco continues its development in France and abroad
and relies on its experience and ability to innovate, in particular by creating new products based on waxes and richer textures,
which better suits the types of leathers that customers use.

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